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i-D Magazine’s Fashion Editor at Large, Julia Sarr-Jamois via Jak & Jil

This is my first Luxe Letter, which a letter where I talk about different topics that are unrelated or not completely related to fashion/beauty. For my first letter, I want to talk about following dreams or accomplishing goals.

My dream in life is to become a fashion editor at a top fashion magazine. I know that it’s hard to publicize your dreams and passions because there can be a lot of negative feedback and you don’t want to be discouraged. I realized recently that if I’m good at something, I shouldn’t hide it. I should put it out there and nuture my art so it can grow. Everyone has to start somewhere; for me, it’s this blog. I take it seriously and I hope that that translates through it’s content.

Lately, I’ve been feeling very impatient; I’m ready to start my career! When I get like this, I start to research different people who are where I want to be to see how they got to be where they are today. It calms me to see that they all had to go through what I am going through now.

Though I’m so anxious to move to NY, I know that a year isn’t a long time so I’m now focusing on spending time and making memories with my friends and family. I’m also taking the initial steps in achieving my ultimate goal of becoming an editor. Take this blog for example. There isn’t a ton of opportunity for gaining experience in the fashion industry where I live. Though I am trying to take advantage of the few opportunities I have here, I’ve also decided to create my own opportunity by creating The Luxe Minimalist.

The internet and social media are great places to network and get your work out there and recognized. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to publicize my blog; I don’t want to miss any opportunity and I don’t know who could come across my blog. For this reason, I try to really let my personality and voice come through my content.

Even though it’s tough to put whatever you create out into the world and let it be subject to scrutiny and criticism, it’s something that you must get comfortable with. These are the learning stages; the stages where you try and fail until, eventually, you succeed. We all must experience failure to succeed and appreciate success. People who never try, never succeed. I work hard now, so I can play hard later.

So, whenever you feel like the road to your dreams are out of reach, remember that nothing is impossible. You just have to be willing to take (or create) the opportunity.

I hope this helped encourage and motivate someone. If it did, you’re welcome.

xo, Coreyiel

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