Monochrome Sporty Outfit Idea

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The sporty look has become a staple in the fashion world and it looks like it’s here to stay. What’s so appealing about this trend is that it combines comfort and style. It is functional and fashionable, which is very rare. Most times, the most trendy things are the most uncomfortable and insensible. So when something is in style that is also easy to wear, it usually finds a place in everyone’s wardrobe. The fact that wearing my Nike Roshe Runs is the chic thing to do now makes me a very happy and fashionable camper.

Summer is the perfect time to break out some lightweight drawstring shorts. They are easy breezy and can be easily be taken from day to night. I need to get my hands on a pair similar to these black ones to pair with a basic black tee, like this one by 3.1 Phillip Lim. Nothing says “Sports Luxe” like an all white backpack with silver hardware. Then, there’s this Marc by Marc Jacobs watch. I’ve owned this watch for a while but I didn’t wear it until recently because it needed to be tightened. Now that it fits, I don’t want to take it off. It’s so lightweight that I forget that I’m even wearing it.

There’s also something to be said about the slide-on shoe takeover. In case you have not heard, Birkenstocks are back. I was beyond thrilled when I saw. Leandra from The Man Repeller in Lucky Magazine sporting an all white pair of Birkenstocks. They were added to my shopping list immediately after. Since then, I’ve purchased my own Birks in a Nubuck suede color and I am in love. I want to wear them with every outfit. Being a minimalist and all, I am now coveting the all-black leather pair. I could see them with an all-black outfit with white accent pieces.

In the beauty department, I have been really into skincare lately. I’ve seen this Chanel trio around the web and I think that I need to give this a try. It’s a set of cleansers; each one intended to be used at specific times on specific days to renew your skin. There’s a morning cleanser (Le Jour De Chanel), a night cleanser (Le Nuit De Chanel), and a weekend cleanser (Le Weekend De Chanel). Chanel’s beauty products are some of my favorites. Thus, it is inevitable that I try some of their skincare line. I think this will be my first step into the luxury skincare game. To round everything out, I have been obsessing over these Deborah Lippmann nail polishes. I have two of her glitter polishes but none like this metallic one. White nail polish is also a summer essential, so I have to get my hands on this one -or rather get this one on my hands.

This is how I’d do minimalism in the hotter months.
So my fellow minimalists, what are you wearing, buying, and loving this summer?

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