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Ever since I first saw the ear cuff earring I have been intrigued. I was amazed by how something so small could make such a big difference in a look. The little sparkly cluster along the ear adds drama and an edge that a minimalist dresser sometimes craves. Jennifer Lawrence took the ear cuff for a spin and it paid off. She looked both edgy and elegant and I love it with her short hair! I went on a hunt for the perfect ear cuff; you know not too dramatic but still makes a statement. The ones I found range in price but they are all gorgeous. My favorite has to be the Eddie Borgo silver-plated crystal ear cuff. It’s so dainty but bold at the same time. And it’s a relatively reasonable price. I also love the Bauble Bar Dipper Ear Cuff Set Earring. They are really affordable and simple enough for everyday. I have been obsessing over this ear cuff trend and I’m ready to give it a go myself. I’ll let you know how I like it soon!