Travel Diary: Florida, Valentine’s Day 2015

Destin Recap

I went on a quick weekend getaway about two weeks ago for Valentine’s day. The boy and I headed to Destin, FL to get a few days of rest and relaxation. It was nice to not have to wake up for school and work. These are some of my snaps from the weekend.

I’m headed to New York next week to attend Teen Vogue’s Fashion University. I went last year and it was so inspiring and motivated. It inspired me to relaunch my blog, start my internship and my youtube channel. The speakers really inspired me to put my all into achieving my dreams. I’m ready for a refresher and to get refocused.

Just being in New York will make you feel like a slacker and motivate you to go full force. I’m excited to be back in the city of dreams. I’m sure nothing but great things will come out of it. I will be sure to post my pictures and videos from my trip to NYC.

P. S. If you haven’t seen my vlog from the trip to Florida, you can watch it here.

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