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 I had the pleasure of having the best doughnuts I’ve ever tasted during my last trip to NYC. It was on my last day in New York. I woke up late and decided I wanted a late breakfast; something sweet. I found out about Dough from one of my favorite New York instagram-mers, @eggcanvas. Dough is located on an unassuming block right next to a Muji store. I had visited Eggcanvas’ Instagram and saw an enticing photo of doughnuts from Dough.

Dough Doughnuts | Instagram


14 W. 19th St.

New York, New York 10011



I immediately plugged the address in Citymapper (an app that gives directions based on several modes of transportation) and hopped on the subway towards the Flatiron District.

IMG_1429Dough is a little shop that sells “artisianal doughnuts”, coffee and other sweet treats. As soon as I walked in, I was overcome with food excitement. The doughnuts behind the glass looked amazing. There were so many appealing flavors: Dulce de Leche, Cinnamon Sugar, Cafe au Lait, Glazed.. I indulged in the latter two. First, I had the glazed. That glazed doughnut had to be the best I’ve ever had. I know what you’re thinking, What could make this glazed doughnut more special than any other? Well, the glaze wasn’t the typical clear, sticky/flaky kind. It was a white icing that covered the entire doughnut. As for the doughnut itself, it wasn’t dry, which is a problem I experience at most doughnut shops. It wasn’t tough to chew like a lot of doughnuts. It didn’t just taste like I as eating bread. It was kind of magical.

IMG_1427I’ve had the “gourmet” style doughnut before but the only thing that was gourmet were the toppings. I went to Dough expecting pretty doughnuts and nothing else. What I got was the best looking and tasting doughnuts I had ever tasted. Other specialty doughnut shops failed to nail the doughnut itself before topping them with fanciful ingredients.

I cannot rave about these doughnuts enough. If you’re in New York, please do yourself a favor and try them for yourself. You’re welcome.




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