It Cosmetics Your Airbrush Masters Brush Set

It Cosmetics Brush ReviewIt Cosmetics, short for Innovative Technology Cosmetics, has become increasingly popular amongst us beauty bloggers and vloggers. The It Cosmetics “Your Airbrush Masters” brush set, exclusively made for Ulta, is designed to give you a flawless finish makeup look. It retails for $65 but is a $150 value according to Ulta. The set comes with 6 brushes:

  • blurring powder brush
  • soft touch blush brush
  • buffing foundation brush
  • bent liner brush
  • precision crease brush
  • flawless all over shadow brush.

It Cosmetics Brush ReviewPackaging: The brush set comes packaged in a faux leather zip up pouch with slots for the brushes and a side pocket. The brushes are made with a silver aluminum handle and are really light weight. Being so light, the aluminum bends easily. This set is a good introduction for anyone who hasn’t tried any It Cosmetics brushes. These are my first brushes from the brand and I like them. However, these brushes feel nothing like the individual brushes sold by the brand at Ulta. The brushes at Ulta on the It Cosmetics brush display are very full and plush feeling. These are not at full and not as soft.

It Cosmetics Brush ReviewPerformance: My favorites from this set are the blurring powder brush and the buffing foundation brush. I use the blurring powder brush with translucent powder and it distributes the powder flawlessly. It’s light enough not to pack the powder on. I like the buffing foundation brush for my liquid foundations, though I think the hairs are a little too short.

I would have liked the blush brush better if it was a little smaller; it’s a little too wide to get the blush just onto the apples of the cheeks. I feel like I don’t have enough control with this blush brush.

It Cosmetics Brush ReviewVerdict: I always like to purchase a value set from a brand when I first try it out. I can usually decide if I want to try more from the brand this way. Overall, the quality of the brushes are not the best but they are good for an introduction. I’d like to try one of the individual brushes from the brand. Which brush should I try from It Cosmetics next?