The Brush Cleanser: BeautyBlender blendercleanser Solid

BeautyBlender blendercleanser SolidThat is one long name… I purchased the Beautyblender blendercleanser solid on recommendation from a coworker. She said it was the best at cleaner her beauty blender, which I had just purchased, and her brushes. She wasn’t exaggerating. This brush and beauty sponge cleanser worked really well. I don’t know if I’d say it was the best and I’ll tell you why…

The basics: The blendercleanser retails at $15.95 at Sephora and is 1 oz. Essentially, this product is a bar of soap. It comes with a grid that can be used to deep clean your brushes; I didn’t realize its purpose until after I used the product up. The cleanser is packaged in a small white container with a twist top making it perfect for travel. It is said to have a lavender scent which I did not notice.

BeautyBlender blendercleanser Solid Review

The Pros: This brush cleanser was so easy to use. You just wet your makeup brush, swirl it around on the solid to create a lather and rinse. I had to do this a few times with some of my dirtier brushes but if I’d used the grid it could have been mush easier.

The Cons:  As the solid shrinks, it’s hard to control it when swirling the brush around. The solid spins with it. Another negative aspect of the solid is the fact that water pools at the bottom of the container that holds it. This isn’t something that will stop me from repurchasing it but how short of a life it has will. The bar only lasted me 4-5 washes. For about $16, I feel that it should have lasts much longer. I’ve used other brush cleansers that have lasted longer and were cheaper.

BeautyBlender blendercleanser Solid Review

The Verdict: The BeautyBlender blendercleanser solid is a great makeup brush and beauty blender cleanser. It left my brushes and beauty blender clean and soft. With its compact packaging and solid formula, it’s an excellent choice for traveling. However, at $15.95 it just didn’t last long enough for me.

There’s also a liquid version of this product that I may give a try. It may last longer.

What’s your favorite product for cleanser your makeup brushes and beauty sponge? Let me know below.