Don’t Call It a Comeback

IMG_2325IMG_2369 If you’ve been around for more than two decades then you know that fashion always repeats itself. We revisit trends and update them to stay current with the times. It’s always interesting to see what will come back around. When I saw that the Stan Smith Adidas were a thing again I was so excited. I’ve always been a fan of this style so I was pleased to see all of the new updates on a classic. Being a minimalist, I purchased the classic white pair with the green accent. These shoes literally go with everything and they are a nicer version of a sneaker.

This time around, I decided to pair my sneakers with a 2 piece set by Yen Gang. The sneakers and denim shirt thrown over it make the set more casual for day wear.

Here’s a little tip: If you have smaller feet, try them in the kids size to save a few dollars. Also, make sure you put bandaids on the backs of your ankles the first few times you wear them to make breaking them in a little more comfortable.

Adidas Stan Smith’s are timeless, classic but still fresh, making them a luxe minimalist favorite. You’ll be seeing these again when I start my series of The Luxe Minimalist’s Guide, which is a series of shopping lists made for the girls and boys who appreciate timeless classics with a new and cool vibe. The first one up will be The Luxe Minimalist’s Guide: Fall 2015. Check back to find out which staples you should be investing in and which key pieces are worth the splurge.

Get the look: