Review: Chanel Le Jour De Chanel, La Nuit De Chanel, Weekend De Chanel

Le Jour De Chanel, La Nuit De Chanel, Le Weekend De Chanel Review

UPDATE: Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare set is no longer available but you can still purchase Le Jour De Chanel, La Nuit De Chanel, Le Weekend De Chanel individually. See “Shop The Post” below to learn more.

I’ve recently started to get into skincare. I’ve always had nice, clear skin but it can get kind of dry. I saw this set a while ago and what initially caught my eye was the packaging but as I read more about it, it seemed like something my sometimes dry, sometimes dull skin could use.

The Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare set, $98.00/ 3 x 0.5 fl oz, has been on my shopping list since early last year. I finally decided to purchase it during my last trip to the Chanel counter where I also picked up the Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation. Being that Chanel is the leader in fashion and also beauty, I had to try some of their skincare range. As I’ve stated before, I love to buy value sets when trying something for the first time. This way, I’m able to try multiple things for a cheaper price and it’s great if it’s not the full-sized product in case I don’t end up loving it.

The Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare set is a set for the day, night and weekend that is supposed to help resynchronize your skin while it battles the elements of everyday life.

Here’s an excerpt from the guide the sales girl gave me when I purchased the set:

“In an ideal world, your skin’s functions would perform in perfect balance. However, daily life, lack of sleep, travel and hectic schedules disrupt skin’s natural rhythms, causing signs of dullness, fatigue and stress to appear. The complexion can appear tired, with an uneven texture.”

Basically, this set is supposed to help reset skin back to its natural, balanced texture and complexion. There are three products in the set: Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend. This is not a review but my first impression of the products since with skincare, there needs to be continued use in order to see real results.

Le Jour De Chanel, La Nuit De Chanel, Le Weekend De Chanel ReviewLe Jour De Chanel, $85.00/1.7 oz., is the “morning reactivation face care”. It is a clear serum-gel like texture that is supposed to energize dull skin, tighten pores and even out skin tone. It has “micro-dosed” salicylic acid to keep skin clear and Grasse jasmine extract to help skin adapt to environment and energize the skin. Chanel directs users to apply before moisturizer in the morning to the face and neck. Le Jour De Chanel is packaged in a plastic white bottle with black writing and like the others, a black top that is embossed with the Chanel logo on top in white. When the tops of these products are removed, they reveal a black pump. The pump dispenses a very small but efficient amount of product. The plastic packaging and small size make this set easy for travel. The texture of Le Jour Chanel is like a clear serum but it dries semi-matte on the skin, resulting in smaller looking pores and there is no noticeable smell.

La Nuit De Chanel, $85.00/1.7 oz., is the “evening recharging face care”. It is supposed to soothe and refine the skin after a long day. It is made with time-release hyaluronic acid to restore moisture. The skin is supposed to appear more plump with no signs of dullness the next morning after use. Chanel directs users to apply to face and neck before evening moisturizer. La Nuit De Chanel is made with Frankincense extract to calm the skin. It’s packaged in an all black plastic bottle with white writing. The colors of the bottles seem to be indicative of when they should be used; white for day, black for night. La Nuit De Chanel doesn’t have a noticeable smell either but it does have a different texture and consistency. It’s a thicker cream that is really hydrating on the skin. I have dry-to-normal skin and I wouldn’t need a moisturizer after using this, unless it’s during the dry winter months.

Le Weekend De Chanel, $115.00/1.7 oz. is the “weekend renewing face care”. The name of this product is meant for whenever your weekend is, not the actual weekend. It is to be used whenever you have a day or two off to relax. This product is supposed to enhance the skin’s renewal while providing intense hydration. It’s made with rose water and high-tolerance glycolic acid for exfoliation and hydration. After using Le Weekend De Chanel, skin should be softer and appear more luminous. It is directed to be used weekly, on one or two consecutive days to intensify the results. It is also recommended that you use spf after applying this product during the day. The product is packaged in a matte clear bottle with the same black top as the others. Like the others, Le Weekend De Chanel doesn’t have a noticeable smell. It’s a cream like La Nuit De Chanel but it is a much lighter version.


Bonus: I received a black and white makeup bag, pictured in this post, full of these deluxe samples and a coupon for Saks. Deluxe samples are a great to really try out a product a couple of times before deciding to purchase. I received the Chanel Sublimage La Lotion toning lotion, Sublimage La Crème Texture Supreme, Le Volume De Chanel Mascara and Le Blanc Oil-Gel makeup remover. I’ve been using the Le Volume De Chanel mascara and I have been getting so many compliments and people asking me if I have on false lashes. I’ve been wanting to try this mascara for the longest; now that I have, I think I’m in love.  Sublimage is Chanel’s anti-aging line and I’m thankful I received this because its never too early. I’ve used the Le Blanc Oil-Gel makeup remover and it was okay, just don’t use around the eye area. I couldn’t find it on the site so it may be discontinued.

Overall, this set seems like a really good skincare routine for someone with a dry skin type. With so many hydrating properties, this may be a little off-putting to someone with oily skin. Quality skincare is something that I believe everyone should invest in because it can help us look younger and healthier for longer. Also, the secret to a good makeup look is good skin. What are some of your must-have skincare products?

This post is a little extensive but it is skincare and it’s expensive skincare, so you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. I like to have my facts, okay? I hope this helped. Thanks for reading. I got so many views on my recent post and I just want you all to know that I really appreciate it.

xo, love Co