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Earlier this year I went to New York for the Teen Vogue Fashion University. Teen Vogue Fashion U is a 3 day event where young future fashion professionals, like myself, gather to learn how to make it in fashion from the industry pros. I knew there would be a lot of opportunities to network and meet like minded and creative people. Going to an event this huge, I knew I needed the number one networking essential: business cards. I already had a design, thanks to my best friend. All I needed was a place that could execute my cards how I invisioned them.

After countless blog posts and video reviews, I decided to try I uploaded Jade’s illustration of me and formatted my cards how I wanted. My cards arrived a few days before my flight to New York and I was amazed how they came out. There are a few different paper options for the moo cards and I chose the gloss finish. I ordered 200 cards with my logo on one side and my contact information, including my site, email, social media and phone number on the other. I am so proud whenever I give out my cards and the response to the quality and design is always one of amazement.

Originally, my design in the gloss finish was $79.96 for 200 cards. I found a promo code online that knocked the price down by a few dollars. For the quality of the cards, I think $80 is a great deal. The website lets you easily customize your cards and the delivery is quick. is the best place for bloggers or anyone in the creative field to get their business cards made. They allow you to customize your cards how you would like and let’s your stay true to your brand. also does a number of other branding products, such as stickers, letterheads, post cards and so much more. If you attend networking events I highly recommend designing your own cards on They will definitely wow.


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