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Moo Business Cards Review

When I was first getting serious about turning my blog into a business, I knew that I was going to need business cards to give out at networking events. I shopped around at places like Zazzle and Vista print but I ended up landing on to design my business cards. If you’re in the market for some luxe, high-quality business cards and want a lot of options to choose from, read on for my Moo Business Cards Review.

After countless blog posts and video reviews, I decided to try I uploaded my blog illustration, created by my BFF Jade Meyers, and formatted my cards how I wanted.

How to create your Moo Business Cards

To get started, you select which type of business card you want. There are a few different options when it comes to finishes and sizes of the Moo business cards. For my cards, I chose the gloss finish because I liked the high-shine look and wanted something simple for my first business card design. You can also get mini cards, square cards, and choose between thicker card stock and gold or silver foiled edges. The options are endless.

Moo Business Cards Review

Once you determine the type of cards you want, you can use their design tool to upload or create your logo, choose your colors and fonts and placement of all of your information. You can use one of their templates for inspiration, design in their design software, or upload your fully designed file for printing. I chose to upload my logo and use one of their fonts for my information.

What to include on your Moo Business Cards

I ordered 200 cards with my logo on one side and my contact information, including my site, email, social media and phone number on the other. You can also include a short bio, your address, or even a fun quote that describes who you are. What you include on your business card will depend on your industry and purpose for creating the cards.

Moo Business Cards Review

How Much are Moo Business Cards

Originally, my design in the gloss finish was $79.96 for 200 cards. I found a promo code online that knocked the price down by about $20 but I needed them in a rush, so ended up still paying a total of $75.74 with the express shipping. For the quality and amount of the cards I got, I think $80 is a great deal.

Moo Business Cards Review

I loved the ease and convenience of creating my business cards with Moo. I ordered them years ago and still love the quality of my cards and I get so proud whenever I give out my cards and the response to the quality and design is one of amazement.

I love that the website lets you easily customize your cards and the delivery is quick. is the best place for bloggers or anyone in the creative field to get their business cards made. They allow you to customize your cards how you would like and let you create materials that are extensions of your brand.

Moo also does a number of other branding products, such as stickers, letterheads, post cards and so much more. If you attend networking events I highly recommend designing your own cards on They will definitely wow.

Moo Business Cards Discount Codes

If you’re thinking about creating business cards on and are a small business or individual (1-9 employees) you can use this referral link 25% off their first order!