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Gold Commodity Goods PerfumeI was first drawn to the brand Commodity after seeing the simple, monochrome perfume bottles on display at Sephora. You know I am all about minimalistic and luxurious packaging, so I had to try the brand out. Out of all of the scents offered, I was drawn to Commodity Gold the most, but before splurging on a $100 fragrance, I got a sample to see how the scent worked with my body’s chemistry. After trying the sample, I knew I had to add “Gold” to my fragrance collection. “Gold” is a warm, luxurious, subtly seductive scent. Recently, The Boy and I went to Sephora during the 15 percent off VIB Rouge and VIB sale and that was my chance to get the 100ml bottle of gold.

Commodity Goods Gold Perfume


Bergamot, Juniper Berries, Camphor, Amber, Haitian Vetiver, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Nubian Musk.

  Gold Commodity Goods About the brand
Commodity offers two collections of fragrances, one white and one black. Sephora describes the white collection as being light, airy and easy, while the black line is more intense, moody and complex. They offer classic, nostalgic scents such as Book, Whiskey, Rain, Tea and Mimosa. After visiting the brand’s website, I discovered that there is a sampler set that allows you to mix and match the scents to your liking. Being the gemini that I am, I love options so this is perfect for me. Commodity only makes Eau de Parfums so the scents are really concentrated.

Gold Commodity PerfumeWhen I revisited Sephora to try on the fragrance and purchase it, my first thought was “This smells like money,” and not the paper dollars that have passed through so many hands and places. It smelled like modern luxury in a bottle or as Commodity describes it, “liquid gold. As someone who appreciates and understands luxury minimalism, I am now a fan of the Commodity brand. I am trying to decide which scent I want to try next. Have you tried any of the scents? What’s your favorite?



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