Vibes No. 1: White Sneakers, Lattes, & Bathrooms

I recently got back into Tumblr because I was stuck in a creative rut. Tumblr always gives me the inspiration I need to get the ball rolling again. When I first started college, it was my place where I expressed myself and I’m happy to be getting back into it. Here are some images that I’ve found that I love and can relate to in some way whether it’s inspiration for instagram photos, for my shopping list, or how I want my home to look. I hope you enjoy what I hope will become a regular series on the blog.

Here is Vibes Part 1: I’m obsessed with latte art, I don’t know why. Something about a heart in my coffee makes me smile. I’ve also been searching high and low for the Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers. I NEED THEM. If anyone comes across a women’s 6/6.5 please send them my way. In my dream bathroom, my counter space would be covered with Chanel skincare and makeup. Not only does their stuff work, it fits my aesthetic so well.

Photo source:  one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine.