Why It’s Important to Invest in Quality

When making certain purchases, many people tend to let the price of the item be the deciding factor in whether they are going to buy or not. In some cases, it is okay to go the cheap route. I mean, do you really need a $7 bag of cotton rounds when you can get them for $1? However, when it comes to buying things like handbags, furniture or even makeup, it’s better to invest in quality.

Here are the top reasons to invest in quality:

Lasts Longer

When you invest a little more and splurge on quality, your things will last longer. Think about something you’ve gone the cheap route with; how long did it last? I used to buy sunglasses from the $10 section in Urban Outfitters all the time and they would break, I’d lose them or I just wouldn’t wear them. I bought a pair of RayBan Aviators and I wear them all of the time, take better care of them and I’ve had them for years. Most times, things of quality lasts longer and are more durable.

Less Repurchases

Since what you’re investing in lasts so long, you end up making less repurchases or purchases of the same style of thing. When I was buying my $10 sunglasses and breaking them, I’d have to replace them often. Now that I have the RayBan Aviators, they are my go-to glasses so I feel no need to buy more sunglasses. I don’t want to buy more because I’m satisfied with what I have and I don’t need to buy more because they are quality sunglasses that won’t break.

Resale Value

Another benefit of investing in quality pieces is their resale value. If you’re anything like me, your taste changes with the seasons. Imagine me growing tired of my collection of $10 sunglasses; what can I do with them? Nothing but give them away. With my RayBans- no this is not a sponsored post, just using them as an example- I can sell them and still get some of what I paid for them back because they are a known, quality, classic brand.

You’ll Use it More

Period. Whenever I splurge a little on anything, I make sure I use whatever it is. Whatever it is is usually better than your cheaper versions of it, so naturally, you’re going to gravitate towards it more.

Looks Better

Often, the thing that costs a little more tends to look better to the eye. This is not the truth in some cases, that’s why I shop for quality and visual appeal at the same time. However, depending on what it is, most times the higher quality item is more visually appealing than the lesser. Being a creative and visual person, this fact makes it easier to chose quality over quantity in the end.

Those are benefits of investing in quality when it comes to your style, home and life. Let me know what helps you decide to make the splurge on certain items below.


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