4 Steps to Declutter Your Closet + Blog Sale!

DepopEvery season, I do a declutter of my space. I like to go through my closet and beauty collection and decide what I can live without. I make a toss, sell, and donate pile, of the things I choose to part with and reorganize my closet with everything that’s staying. For the in-depth decluttering process, read on.

  1. Lay out everything you own, so you can see what you’re working with. I like to do this my item/type. For example, I’ll start with clothing first, then shoes, then makeup, etc. You may find it more helpful to just do everything at the same time. I have a small space, so I can’t display everything because this will make it like more cluttered and it can get overwhelming.
  2. After everything is where you can see it, try it on if it’s makeup, clothing, accessories, or shoes. If you’re not in love what it anymore, get rid of it. If you’re still obsessed with it, put it back where it goes.
  3. After you’ve decided what stays and what goes, organize what you’re getting rid of into 3 piles: toss, donate and sell. For makeup, you can sell anything that is unused/unopened, not expired, or gently used/can be sanitized. For clothing and shoes, you can sell anything in great condition that you know someone will buy, donate everything else that’s in good condition, and toss anything that has holes and tears.
  4. Now, go back to your makeup storage and closet and organize what you’ve decided to keep. For my closet, I organize likes with likes and then organize by color. Some people like to organize their entire closet by color. This step is completely up to you. For makeup, I organize the same way as I do my closet. I put all of my liquid lipsticks together, then organize by color, etc.

Those are my four steps to help you declutter your closet and makeup storage. I recently did this and I wanted to let you know about my blog sale! I’ve been posting to my depop shop and poshmark; you can find me here and here!


I’ll be updating it more often. I have a lot more stuff that came out of my declutter that is looking for a good home. Be sure to follow me on depop and poshmark and if you don’t have the apps, feel free to email at coreyiel@theluxeminimalist.com if you want to buy something there. Just be sure to have a PayPal account since it’s the safest way to buy and sell. Anyway, happy decluttering! xx

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