Apartment Goals

Since being in my first New York apartment for a year, I’ve learned more of what I want for my next apartment. If you didn’t know, I live with my boyfriend, my sister, and her boyfriend. While living with family is comforting, I’m excited to live on my own for the first time since college. My sister and I moved into an apartment that was found by her boyfriend. This mad our move stress-free for the most part. I’m so grateful I didn’t have to go through the headache of finding an apartment when I first moved here. He resigned the lease for another year, so we will be here until October 2017. This gives Glenn and I a whole year to get ourselves together and prepare to move on our own.

We’ve only been living together for a few months (he moved to New York in April of this year) and it’s been nice to have my partner-in-crime. We’re looing forward to taking things to the next level and move out on our own. Today I wanted to share those apartment goals and also some apartment decor goals I’ve found around the web. I’ve always been into interior design and home decor. Even when I lived with my parents I was always changing my room. Everyone always complimenting my room.┬áThis is a mix of things I’d love to do with my current room, as well as our future apartment goals via tumblr.

I love the look of a bright space with lots of natural light. Something about it just makes me feel more productive and organized. I love monochrome palettes with hints of soft pinks. And I LOVE when everything has a place. A clean space equals a clear mind in my opinion.

What’s your favorite style for your home?

xx, Coreyiel