Laura Mercier Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays

I was recently sent the Laura Mercier Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays for review by Influenster and Laura Mercier. As with any PR sample sent to me, I don’t post about it if a.) I don’t like it and b.) if it’s not a quality product/not worth my/your time.

This palette contains 6 clay textured eye shadows – 3 metals, 3 mattes— and 1 “air-light” setting powder. I thought the idea of a clay eyeshadow palette was interesting and wanted to see how they compared to the usual pressed or powder shadows. Another innovation that Laura Mercier brought to this palette that is unusual is an eyeshadow setting powder.

Lastly, the idea of an “editorial” eye palette also caught my attention when I received this product in the mail. Lately, every makeup collection has been focused on neutrals that can be worn daily. Laura Mercier is now offering makeup lovers something more high fashion, that is to be worn when you’re going for “a look”.What works: The pigmentation of these shadows is incredible. They are very intense. Also, as you may know by now, I’m very big on packaging and I love the sleek chocolate matte packaging of this palette. The huge mirror is also a plus.

What doesn’t: As I said before, these shadows are supposed to mimic the texture of clay, causing them to have longer wear time. However, the clay texture can cause them to feel very stiff. When I did the swatches below, they didn’t glide on as smoothly as some of my other favorite eye shadow formulas like NARS or Urban Decay. Also, I know this is an editorial palette, but I wish it had at least one neutral matte shade so that more color combinations could be worn. This would have also made the palette more suitable for both day and night. Lastly, I don’t think a setting powder is necessary for an eyeshadow unless you have oily eyelids and don’t want to use an eyeshadow primer.The Verdict: As someone who doesn’t go out clubbing or to fancy evening events, I don’t think I’d get much use out of this palette, even though it is gorgeous. Though, I do think it’s nice to have on hand for those nights. If you’re someone who does go out to more fancy events, and you can do Editorial eye looks, I’d say this is the palette for you.

Rating: 7.5/10

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