Best Dessert in NYC: Cookie Dō NYC

One thing I’ve learned living in New York City is that if you hear about a new place opening, and you decide to check it out, be prepared to wait. Once an opening starts to travel by word of mouth, everyone and their mothers will be lined up to see what the fuss is all about. This was the case with Cookie Dō NYC…

I originally happened upon Cookie Dō on the Uber Eats app while interning in Chelsea over 6 months ago. I never ordered even though I really wanted to. Fast forward to now, everyone is talking about Cookie Dō and now, I HAVE to try it. Last weekend, I randomly decided to hit up the cookie dough bar and find out once and for all if it was worth the fuss. Find out if it made my list of the best desserts in New York.

The Wait

I entered the line at 6:40 PM, got an entry ticket at 7:17PM, entered at  7:30PM, ordered at 7:35 and paid at 7:38PM.


Menus are available while you wait. In addition to the classic chocolate chip cookie dough, there are many other fun flavors like snickerdoodle, gimme s’more, salty & sweet, cake batter, commanDŌ, and many more. There are also vegan and gluten-free options available. I personally picked up cake batter, confetti and chocolate chip cookie dough. View full flavor list here.


The prices are really reasonable. You can choose 1 scoop of cookie dough or ice cream for $4, 2 scoops for $7, and 3 scoops for $9.

Party supplies for sale, on display.

Cookie Dō offers cookies, cookie dough, ice cream, milkshakes, + more.

The Verdict

The first treat I tasted was the chocolate chip cookie dough with vanilla ice cream on top (pictured above). This is a classic and I loved having so much cookie dough. I actually ate all of the cream and had cookie dough left over. The cake batter and confetti were really good as well! I’d definitely recommend trying out Cookie Dō if you’re in NYC, especially on a hot summer day. I’m going to be going back for the Cookie Dō milkshake!