Brunch at Loosie’s Kitchen

I’ve finally started to take advantage of having weekends off. I mean, why wouldn’t I go out and soak up the sun while I can. It’s only a matter of time before I’m inching across icy sidewalks… Let’s not even think about that. Instead, let’s focus on this amazing brunch I had at Loosie’s Kitchen in Williamsburg last weekend.

I had a brunch date with my friend who I first met at my second year at the Teen Vogue Fashion University. She had found Loosie’s on Instagram & wanted to try it out. As you might know by now, I’m always down to try out a new food spot, especially an Instagrammable one. Loosie’s did not disappoint.

I began sharing snapshots and boomerangs to my story immediately upon arrival. There are so many places in New York that are perfectly decorated for pictures. However, the food rarely is as good as it looks on camera. Luckily for us, that was not the case here.

We both ordered the chicken & waffles and we loved it. Everything was cooked perfectly and the pineapple mimosas we had went well with the plates. In addition to the good food and aesthetics, the music was also just right. When I first arrived, Kendrick Lamar was playing and I knew I was in the right place.

I would recommend Loosie’s Kitchen if you’re looking for a cute place to have brunch and catch up with friends. They also serve dinner, which I’m planning on trying with my bf soon.

Let me know if you all know of any good (and cute) restaurants in the New York City/Brooklyn areas. You can find more of my NYC recommendationshere.