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I haven’t done a favorites post in a long time! I’ve been using some new makeup, skincare, and fragrance that I want to share. These have been keeping me looking alive during this busy Fall season.

There have been a lot of new makeup launches recently and I’m not mad about it. Rihanna’s new makeup line launched and I had to try it. I ended up really loving these highlight and contour sticks in Rum and Truffle. These make contouring SUPER easy. I’ve also been loving another highlighter – this has been my go-to for a beautiful soft glow. There are also other shades, so there’s one for all skin tones.

Another favorite that I’ve been wearing every day during the week (I try not to wear makeup on the weekend.) is this matte foundation. It’s super smoothing and keeps me matte all day long. I also love it because it’s not flat and 1 dimensional on the skin. My skin still looks like skin.

For eyes, I’ve gone back to this concealer from NARS. It’s creamy and makes me look like I actually got a decent amount of sleep the night before. I’m a mascara fanatic, so I’m not easy to impress in this category. I like my mascara to be both volumizing and lengthening, and this has done the trick. I’ve been going for a more natural brow lately, and this brow gel makes it so easy to quickly add some shape and a little color.

I’ve been trying lots of different skincare but this face cream has been a breathe of fresh air! It’s so lightweight but still hydrating, which is the perfect combination for my oily skin. I’ve been using a sample size jar but I will definitely be purchasing the full-sized, as soon as I use up some of the other creams I’ve accumulated. Lastly, you all know how I feel about Nirvana Black and White but there’s a new one that has stolen my heart: Nirvana Amethyst. It’s dark and sexy like Nirvana Black, but with hints of sweetest, which makes it my favorite of the range.

These products have been doing the job for me. What have you been loving?

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