Curating My Beauty Collection

Beauty No-Buy+ I’m Doing a Beauty No-Buy!

As someone who loves the look of minimal spaces and having everything in its place, you would think that I have lots of self control when it comes to shopping for things like beauty products. However, I am the most impulsive shopper EVER. This is why I’m constantly doing mini decluttering sessions where I go through everything I’ve accumulated and purge what I don’t use.

Curating the perfect beauty stash

As you may remember from my 2018 Intentions post, I mentioned how this year I want to buy less and appreciate what I have more. My goal for my beauty stash is to have products that I genuinely love and use on a regular basis. Danielle over at posted about curating her beauty stash and that flipped a switch in my brain to do the same.

I love products that look good on my skin and on my vanity; it’s why I gravitate more toward luxury brands. Somehow, I still end up with one-offs from the drugstore (some products are amazing and others, not so much). I also receive products as PR samples that are sometimes from random brands that I’ve never heard of that just end up sitting, untouched.

The February Beauty No-Buy

This year, I’m committed to being more mindful of what’s filling up my space (not that I have much in NYC) and only keeping what I love and actually use. During February I’m doing a No-Buy: not buying any beauty products unless something runs out that I don’t already have a backup for. Buying often and impulsively makes it hard to really show love to the products previously purchased. This also makes getting blog posts and reviews up difficult because as soon as I start using one product, I buy another and completely forget about the first one. If I don’t consistently use a product, I’m unable to give to a thorough and honest review or opinion. Thus, it’s a missed opportunity for blog content, which is usually of my goals when buying new products. I have to stop the madness.

While on this No-Buy I plan on doing a massive overhaul of my beauty stash, aka step 1 of curating my collection, and getting rid of products that are pretty (or not-so-pretty) to look at but I haven’t touched in months. After narrowing down what I actually want to keep, I’ll be trying to use as many products as possible throughout the month to test them out and make sure that they are in fact worth keeping.  

I plan on coming out of February with a clear sense of what I actually like and use, whether it be a particular product category or certain shades of a product. I may find out that I prefer to wear liquid lipsticks and should stop buying classic bullet lipsticks. I may find that I strictly wear pink blushes – I don’t but you get the point.


In summation, I expect my February Beauty No-Buy to:

  • Teach me discipline over my naturally impulsive ways
  • Help me realize my beauty style (what I like and actually wear), which will help me make smarter decisions on future Sephora trips
  • Help me curate a medium-sized (I’m a blogger, so let’s be real) luxe but minimal beauty stash and routine
  • Encourage me to consistently use my products in order to be able to share my honest thoughts in future blog posts
  • Help me create a sickening collection of products I’m obsessed with. (This is the same as the 3rd point but I wanted to say “sickening”.)

If you want to join my February No-Buy, comment below. Let’s hold each other accountable!