My Secret to Keeping My Makeup Collection Decluttered

How I Keep My Makeup Organize & Decrease How Much I Have to Declutter

I LOVE mini and travel-sized makeup and skincare products. I’ve collected a bunch of minis from Sephora VIB rewards, subscription boxes, value sets, and gifts with purchase. Some are discarded but the good stuff is taken on trips and added to my gym bag.

I’ve been trying to use up so many full-sized products but I’ve found that to be really difficult since I like to test a lot of products. I usually get bored halfway through a product and move onto the next thing. This leads to me having multiple products in the same category, which makes it nearly impossible to finish them all.

I’m on a mission to downsize my collection to holy grail/staples, so I’ve been aggressive about my makeup decluttering, donating to friends & fam, and throwing out expired makeup and skincare. My stash is still bigger than I’d like so I’m currently trying to use up most of my products. I’ve been worried about accumulating more products after I get my collection to a place of curated staples but I think I’ve figured it out…

My solution to this problem is minis. Instead of purchasing full-sized products every time I want to try something new, I’ve decided to buy the travel-size if available, or get a sample. Minis are cute, economical, and functional for my downsizing/curated collection mission. They help me decrease the need to declutter my makeup as often.

Now I’m not saying that I’m always going to go for the travel-sized option but I’m going really think about the time it’ll take me to use something up and the possibility of me getting tired/bored of using the full-sized product before making that commitment. Stay tuned to see how this experiment works out.