Trend Report: Everything you need to know about Jade Rolling

Skin Gym Jade Roller Amethyst

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Beauty tools have become increasingly popular over the last year and I’ve become fascinated with all of the new beautifying gadgets that have launched. One that I’ve been incorporating into my routine as of late is the jade roller. (The one I have is technically an amethyst roller but all of the crystal rollers do the same thing.)

So what do these funny looking things do for the skin?

Well, according to Skin Gym (the brand I bought my roller from), with regular rolling/facial massages, the crystal roller is supposed to:

  • help stimulate collagen and improve elasticity
  • reduce puffiness and wrinkles
  • increase lymphatic drainage
  • help eliminate toxins
  • tighten pores

How I Use the Jade Roller

If I’m feeling extra puffy, I pop my roller into the fridge or freezer before doing my skincare routine. Once it’s chilled, I use the roller to massage my serums, moisturizer and eye cream into my skin. I roll upward and outward, starting at the center of my face and neck. I use the large side for my forehead, cheeks, chin and neck, and the small side for under my eyes. I press gently as I roll to massage my facial and neck muscles.

This ritual is super relaxing and my skin instantly feels tighter after each session. Some people meditate while rolling to harness the powers of the crystal but I use my amethyst roller strictly for facial massages and as a de-stressing ritual when I wake up and before I got to bed. This has become an essential part of my self care routine.

I’m hoping to see some long term results from my facial workouts. Tune into my Instagram stories to see what crazy tools I’m currently trying.

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