Top 5 Apps to Plan, Edit, & Schedule Instagram Posts

TOP 5 instagram editing app

I always get questions from friends on Instagram about what apps I use to get certain effects in my photos and stories. Today, I’m finally sitting down to share my top 5 apps for making my posts stand out.

These apps are all really useful whether you’re using Instagram to blog, share your hobbies, or if you’re trying to communicate with your customers. Having a strong brand identity on social media is so helpful for growing your audience and customer base and these apps are perfect for this.

Planoly: Planning + Scheduling

One of my favorite and most used apps is Planoly. I use Planoly to plan and schedule my Instagram posts for my blog and Sixteen88’s Instagram, a beauty brand whose social media I manage. Planoly is the official partner of Instagram, so you’re able to have the app auto post at the times you’ve scheduled your posts.

I love how you can move around unscheduled posts to see how the feed will look before you post any photo/video. You can also upload stories and plan them ahead of time. The stories don’t automatically post to Instagram, but it’s still good to know what your stories are going to look like if you’re posting to a brand account. I don’t schedule/plan my stories for my blog account because I like them to be more organic but it’s a nice feature to have.

Planoly is also a great app for tracking your growth over time to see what types of content are working and what’s not in order to inform your social strategy.

Photoshop Express: Editing Photos

I love Photoshop Express for fixing little edits like lighting, shadows, etc in my photos. I pay for the Adobe photo editing apps, so this is a great extension because I can start editing an image on my laptop and finish editing on my phone. I also love how I can start editing in one Adobe app like Photoshop Express and open it in another like Lightroom CC. You can also remove unwanted items in photos if need be.

Unfold: Creative Templates

I use Unfold for creative storytelling on my stories. I love the templates they offer for creating photo and video collages, writing quick product reviews to save to my highlights, posting blog updates, and just making my stories look the way I want them to. This is a great app for people really into aesthetics and their brand identity such as photographers, brands, and bloggers.

InShot: Editing Videos/IGTV

I use InShot to get creative with my stories, videos, and IGTVs. I like to create timelapses, add music to my videos, and adjust the lighting. I just use the basic features in the app but you can add cool effects to your videos, play with transitions, add texts, and much more.

Stories Edit: Creative Templates

Similar to Unfold, StoriesEdit allows you to customize their story templates to fit your own branding/aesthetic. This app was created by Planoly and has so many cute template options. I love using their templates to share my latest blog posts, inspirational quotes, and more. They’ve also just announced that users can now insert videos into their templates, which is a feature I’ve been waiting for. You can customize the fonts and main colors in the templates but you’re not able to change some of the colors in the multicolored templates.

Sharing is caring, so if I’ve missed any of your favorite apps for getting creative on Instagram, please share in the comments below. Let’s make this a community where we can share resources like these to grow together!


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