NYC Moving Series: The Apartment Search is On

If you’ve been around for a while, then you know that I moved to New York in October 2015. After almost 4 years in my little Brooklyn apartment, it’s time to say goodbye. My boyfriend and I are moving to a new place in a few months and I am so excited. This will be our first official apartment with just the two of us and I’m already pinning decor inspiration and bookmarking furniture.

When I first moved to NYC, I luckily had an apartment waiting for me thanks to my sister fiance’s early arrival. Since I couldn’t share the apartment hunting experience on the blog then, I thought it would be fun to document it now. We’re in the beginning stages of the search, so I’m taking you all along the entire journey, including creating our budget, viewing places, moving in, decorating, and everything else that comes along with the move.

What to Do 3 Months Before You Move

Get Your Finances in Order

The first thing we’re doing to prepare for our move is getting our finances in order. This means saving as much as possible and budgeting for the future. Personally, I have had a bad Starbucks and Uber Eats habit that I had to get under control. I was spending so much on breakfast at Starbucks and Uber Eats for lunch and that just didn’t align with my savings goal, so I made it my mission to start making coffee at home and bringing lunch to work.

Next, we created a budget for what we wanted to spend on our next place. I factored in my current monthly expenses and savings goal to make sure everything fits within my means. It’s important that I’m able to do all of the things I love while still living comfortably.

Narrow Down Your Ideal Neighborhood(s)

A month or two before your move, you’re going to want to figure out a few neighborhoods that you’d like to move in. I have a couple of dream neighborhoods that I’d love to live in and a couple of others that I’d be comfortable in. Key factors for us are the commute from our jobs and the distance from the nearest grocery stores and our favorite spots to hang out on the weekends. I’d love to live within walking distance of my office but that neighborhood is so expensive, so I’ll take something near a train stop and not too long of a commute.

Declutter + Downsize Your Belongings

You’ve probably already guessed that this was coming if you’re a longtime reader of this blog. I LOVE to declutter, so this is one of my favorite parts of moving. I’ve already gone through my closets and drawers to determine which clothing items I want to sell, keep, and donate. I’m probably going to go through a few more rounds of this because I’m pretty much over everything that I own. I’ve also gone through my books, beauty products, and other random trinkets that I’ve accumulated. I’ve gotten ridden of a good amount of stuff but I’m sure I’ll be throwing out lots more over the next few months.

The next points aren’t necessary but are the fun parts of moving.

Determine Your Decor Style for the New Place

As I mentioned before, I love browsing Pinterest for decor inspiration. There are so many ways you can go when decorating your place, so I’m using the months before to decide what look I’m going for in the new place. How my space looks and feels are very important for me as this will affect my mood and productivity. As someone who enjoys creating content and working on side projects, it’s essential that my space be a source of creative inspiration. I’m having so much fun looking at hacks for renters and interior design sites to get my creative juices flowing.

Window Shop + Bookmark Items for the New Place

I’m always looking for deals and looking for things online helps me get the best price. I also love using Rakuten (formerly ebates) to get cash back from the sites that I shop on. This will be especially useful when ordering more expensive furniture items.

I’m so excited to share this experience with you all as we go. I’ll be sharing what it’s like to tour and apply for apartments in NYC, getting all of the services like WiFi set up, and our progress with furnishing and decorating our space. I’m going to try my best to vlog the process as well, so make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel. Be sure to also follow along on Instagram for real-time updates. Until next time…

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