10 Beauty & Blogging Resolutions for 2020

New Orleans Beauty Blogger
What I’m doing differently in the new year.

Two blog posts in one week? Who is she? I missed last week’s post and in an effort to be consistent (see resolution #1) I’m hitting you with two posts in one week to make up for it. I love sharing my resolutions for the new year because it holds me accountable. I have my personal resolutions aka goals for 2020 written down in my agenda but I wanted to share some of my beauty and blogging resolutions with y’all to let you know what I’m focusing on and what you can expect in this new year.

Blogging Resolutions

  1. Post Consistently: Stick to a set weekly posting schedule
  2. Improve Quality of Content: higher quality photos and editing, more valuable posts
  3. More New Orleans: NOLA is truly a special place and I want to highlight the businesses that make it the perfect place to visit.
  4. Timely Product Reviews: testing & reporting on the newest luxury beauty products to better inform your purchasing decisions
  5. Revive YouTube Channel: create more engaged, informational and entertaining video content to form a more authentic connection with the Luxe Minimalist community

Beauty & Style

  1. Clean Beauty: transition to more clean & sustainable beauty products that use non-toxic ingredients and recyclable packaging
  2. Invest in key fashion pieces: this includes timeless staples but also statement pieces that elevate my looks
  3. More focus on body care: creating a body care routine to treat my body with the same attention and effort I give to my skincare routine. This include body masks, oils, moisturizers, serums, etc.
  4. More empties: Nothing feels better than using up a product. I want to experience that more. This will help me be less wasteful of products and money.
  5. Try more beauty trends & new products: Last year, I was behind on a lot of the new product innovations. I want to step outside my comfort zone and try new makeup products, as well as try the latest skincare technology. This will help with blogging resolution #4.

This is just a snippet of what the inside of my goals section in planner currently looks like. I love setting goals for myself and checking in periodically to see my progress. What are some fun goals that you’ve set for yourself this year?