Pat McGrath Labs Lip Product Haul

Pat McGrath Lip Haul

Since discovering the magic that is Pat McGrath Labs beauty products, I’ve slowly started making my way through her line of highly-pigmented and high-performing makeup. Being the “luxury beauty lover on a budget” that I am, I love a good sale. So when a recent sale alert popped into my inbox, I went ahead and took advantage of the 20% offer by ordering a few lip sets to test out her lip balms, lip gloss, and matte lipsticks. 

I’m a huge supporter of buying mini products first, to get a feel for what I like before fully committing to the full size and full price tag. This haul is going to be a first look at the Mini MatteTrance™ Lipstick Trio, Mini Lip Fetish Lip Balm Trio, and Mini LUST: Gloss™ Trio. I will be following this post up with my full review of each once I’ve had more time to try.

Mini MatteTrance™ Lipstick Trio

One of the products I was most interested in was the MatteTrance Lipstick. From the pictures, these looked highly pigmented with the perfect texture and there were so many shades I could see myself wearing. When the brand came out with these mini lipstick trios, I immediately added one to my wishlist. I chose the trio in “Skin Show” which includes Omi (mid-tone rose), 1995 (warm light nude), and Flesh 3 (brown rose). Although the size is pretty small (think a little bigger than deluxe sample size), with 20% off, this set of mini lipsticks came out to $20 which is a good deal. When swatched, these are as pigmented and matte as I’d imagined. Stay tuned for the full review on how they wear on the lips.

Mini Lip Fetish Lip Balm Trio

Another lip product I was interested in trying was the Lip Fetish Lip Balm, so I decided to pick up a trio of minis (0.042 oz/ 1.2 g each, on sale for $13!) that includes shades Clear (clear, subtle sheen), Blow Up (wondrous warm beige), and Flesh 3 (beautiful bronzed rose). I love a good lip balm and think the fact that these come in a white version of the same luxe packaging as her other lipsticks. Not only do they look fancy, but they’re also made of Shea Butter and Vitamin E, two ingredients that are great at moisturizing and protecting the skin. I’m looking forward to testing these out. Hopefully, they live up to my expectations because I’d love to make these my everyday carry of lip balm.

Mini LUST: Gloss™ Trio

Lastly, I picked up the Mini LUST: Gloss™ (0.05 oz/ 1.6 mL each on sale for $20) in Love Potion (milky pink shimmer), Sunset Rose (rose nude), Flesh 6 (deep warm nude). I figured I couldn’t go wrong with lip gloss in neutral tones and wanted to see what Pat McGrath had to offer. More on whether these will be added as staples in my drawer of pink and nude lip glosses in the coming full review.

I’ve been testing these and will share any hits and misses in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, let me know if you have any other faves from the brand that I should try out.