Natasha Denona Bronze Cheek Face Glow Palette

When Natasha Denona launched her Bronze collection, I held out for as long as I could before buying anything. I really did. First, I told myself I didn’t need the eyeshadow palette because I probably already owned most of those shades. Then I saw the NataBronze Cheek Face Glow Palette, $55, and the rest is history. I caved and placed my Sephora order, then impatiently waited for UPS to arrive with my new palette.

Natasha Denona Bronze Cheek Face Glow Palette Review

The Natasha Denona Bronze Face Glow Palette is a highlighter palette that includes 4 shades total, 2 of which are creams and 2 powders. As someone who has a strong aversion to clutter and excess, I appreciate the petite size of the palette and pans.

Unedited Swatches in Natural Lighting

Shades in the Natasha Denona Bronze Cheek Face Glow Palette

4 x 0.1 oz/ 3.2 g shades in Bounce Cream Glow (duo-chrome white/pink), Super Glow Bronze (highlighting bronze), Bounce Cream Blush (coral bronze with champagne reflection), Super Glow Nude (champagne)

Natasha Denona Bronze Cheek Face Glow Palette

After not wearing makeup for months, I finally found a product that made me want to change that. From the first time I tried this palette, I fell in love with the buttery smooth texture and the perfect amount of pigment.

As I mentioned above, I love the size of this palette — it’s not too big or too small. It comes in a small bronze compact with a nice sized mirror making it the perfect travel companion whenever we’re able to safely hit the airways. There’s also a clear plastic protector over the Bounce Cream Glow & Blush to keep out kickup from the powder shades. I also assumed this was meant to keep the cream shades from drying up, although it didn’t go a great job – more on this below.

I found the Natasha Denona Bronze Cheek Face Glow Palette to be so versatile. Not only can use this as a highlighter palette, but the shades can also double as eyeshadow and blush. For the application, I like to use my fingers to apply the product on my eyes, a short duo fiber brush for the cream highlighters, and a fan or a pointer natural hair brush for the powder texture. They give a radiant glow that can be as subtle or as intense as you’d like depending on how you apply each layer.

Although I initially loved everything about this palette, I did find one con a few weeks later. Initially, the two bounce cream shades were buttery and pigmented like the powder versions but a few weeks later, although there is a clear plastic protector over them, I found them to be a bit dryer and harder to work with. This was disappointing as I was most excited about trying this formula and had really loved this palette upon first using it.

Now, I still love this product and will still be reaching for it whenever I do wear a full face of makeup, but the stiffness of the cream shades is something to mention if you like using your fingers to get a seamless blend. The creams still performed well with my duo fiber brushes, so they’re not a lost cause. Compared to when I first swatched the creams, they now have a more subtle pigment, so I really have to dig in to build up the pigment since they’re a bit harder in the pan.

Overall, this is a beautiful palette, although the cream formula could use a little work. I’ve read that the cream formula is much better in the Tan Bronze & Glow Palette, so I’m not sure what happened with this one. If you have this palette, please let me know if you’ve found that the cream formula dried out over time. Nonetheless, I would still recommend this palette for the beautiful color story and amazing powder highlighters. Just be prepared to build up the cream shades if you want an intense highlight.

Availability:, Sephora, Beautylish


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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