The Luxe Minimalist’s 2020 Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Although the holiday season looks very different from years past, I think that we need to connect with loved ones now more than ever. Gifting is a way to show someone you love them, are grateful for them, and are thinking about them during this time when some people feel the loneliest. As my best friend might tell you, I am the queen of “trinkets” so I always have fun creating these gift guides of my favorite things that I’ve purchased and loved. Below is a gift guide of all of my favorites at various price points that I think anyone would love. You’ll be able to find something for everyone on your list.

I  also know that many of us may not be in a place financially to be able to give a lot this year due to the pandemic but don’t let that stop you from showing your love in other ways. 

When I’ve been short on cash in the past, that’s when I was able to be the most creative with my gifting and make something that would put a smile on my loved ones faces. You can bake them a sweet treat and wrap it in a pretty way (Pinterest is my go-to for ideas), you can write a letter sharing what you’re grateful for about them, or just pick up something that’s inexpensive but reminds you of a special moment you and your loved one shared. 

No matter the situation, we can all use a little cheering up after the year we’ve had, so I hope these ideas help!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide For:

The Selfcare Queen

The Home Entertainer

The Homebody

The Trend Setter

The Quarantine Pro