About Me

Coreyiel ● NYC ● PR Girl

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Education: B.A. Journalism

Fave Food: Red Beans & Rice/Pasta

Contact: coreyiel@theluxeminimalist.com

Beauty | Fashion | Life | Career | Travel | Blogging

This is my digital lifestyle diary. I love beauty products, especially high-end & low-key, indie brands. I am just a girl trying to live my best life and encourage other women to do the same through beauty, fashion. I believe in creating the life I want to live. We all should aspire to thrive in our careers and lives, and look good doing it.

Some of the content shared here includes:

  • Beauty + Lifestyle Product Hauls & Reviews from both luxury & indie brands
  • Career Advice from my experience working in fashion and beauty
  • City Guides from my mini adventures
  • Blogging Tips for my aspiring girl bosses

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