About Me


Founder of The Luxe Minimalist, Beauty Blog for Black Women

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Education: B.A. English with a concentration in journalism

Fave Food: Red Beans & Rice

Contact: coreyiel@theluxeminimalist.com

Beauty Blog for Black Women

Beauty Blog for Black Women

The Luxe Minimalist is the ultimate beauty blog sharing reviews, tips, and recommendations for the best beauty for black women. All beauty products are not created equally, so I’m trying out the latest & greatest and sharing what works and what doesn’t.

Some of the content shared here includes:

  • Beauty + Lifestyle Product Hauls & Reviews from top beauty brands, including lots of black-owned brands.
  • Career Advice from my experience working in fashion and beauty
  • City Guides from my mini adventures in NYC and around the world

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