My New York Apartment Room Tour

It’s been about a year since I moved to New York and I’m finally showing my room here. As I state in the video, this is a work in progress. This room has changed a lot since I’ve been here and I’m happy with how it looks now. I do want to make it feel more like home with pictures and other wall decor but I don’t want to ruin the walls. I’m going to be living here for another year and then I hope to move into a place with a little more room. My room is a reflection of my style; very minimal and monochromatic. It is a small space, so there’s not much I can do but it’s cozy and I love it.

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xx, Coreyiel

New York Black Blogger

Author: Coreyiel

Coreyiel is a lifestyle blogger and PR & Influencer Marketing pro from New Orleans, LA, currently chasing her dreams in NYC. She loves sharing life's little luxuries such as beauty, food, and travel, as well as her tips to help motivate women of color in the beauty & fashion industry.