My 2019 Beauty Resolutions

Beauty Resolution

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but I’m SO excited for the new year. I’ve always been about fresh starts and new opportunities, so I’m always eager to start a new year. I have so much I want to accomplish this year but I’ll spare you all of the details, otherwise we’d be here until 2020.

I do want to share a few of my beauty resolutions with you all as I reassess my skin and my goals moving forward.

2019 Beauty Resolutions

Invest in beauty treatments

I’ve never had a facial and I truly feel like this is the reason I haven’t met my full glow potential. I’m aiming to get at least 1 treatment every 3 months. Of course I’ll be documenting my experience here. Feel free to leave your favorite NYC-based estheticians below.

Drink 80 ounces of water everyday

Another way I plan on unlocking my inner glow is by getting the recommended amount of water. Whenever I fail to drink water, I notice an increase in the darkness around my eyes and dullness of my skin. I’m hoping the increase in ounces will fix these issues.

Wear SPF everyday

Sun damage is the leading culprit in early signs of aging. I’m pretty good at protecting my skin with an SPF but I’m going to be more strict about it this year.

Invest in anti-aging skincare

As I get older, I’m shifting my focus from moisture only to more active ingredients to strengthen my skin’s barrier, repair damage, and replenish/boost collagen.

Get more sleep!

Another cause of my dark circles is lack of sleep. I’m working to quiet my mind and relax enough to fall asleep at a decent time.

Shift to clean beauty

I’m getting more into clean beauty as the market expands. I want to make sure that what I’m putting onto my face is non-toxic, as some of it ends up being absorbed in the end.

Skincare resolution

Step outside my comfort zone and try new looks

I always see these creative beauty looks on Pinterest and Instagram and I finally plan on trying some out. Expect to see some of my experiments here and on Instagram.

Find my signature makeup look

Finally, I want to try to find a signature look that suites me. A few years ago, my signature look was a matte red lip. I may go back that or it may be something with my hair. Stay tuned.

What are some of your beauty resolutions this year?