Why I Started a New Beauty Site

If you’re wondering why I have been a little absent here, it’s because in addition to being v busy at work, I’ve started a new beauty site called The Multicultural Section. I’ve always wanted a place to share beauty industry news and interviews, as well as reviews, tips and recommendations. I tried to share that type of content here but it didn’t fit well with my lifestyle posts.

I finally decided to create a separate site where I can share content and contribute to the beauty conversation. What’s more, I wanted to contribute to the conversation as a black woman. Though the beauty and fashion industry is slowly creeping towards being more diverse, there’s still a long way to go.

I created The Multicultural Section to act as a community for other women of color to share their stories and come to find recommendations that will actually work for their skin tone, skin type and hair texture. Like any digital magazine, The Multicultural Section will feature articles by different writers who have a story to tell. It’s often hard for WOC to find beauty products that work for us. There’s usually only 1 aisle in beauty stores for us, named the “Multicultural” aisle or section. This new site is here to change that. It’s time for The Multicultural Section to expand.

Head over to learn more about The Multicultural Section. I’m really excited to watch the new site grow. I hope you’ll check it out and support as you’ve done here. We will be accepting contributors soon.

P.S. The Luxe Minimalist isn’t going anywhere. This is still my baby and I’ll continue to share my personal beauty and lifestyle content here.

As always, thanks for everything!


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