I’m in Marie Claire!


I was contacted by someone on the Marie Claire team at the end of last year about being featured in the magazine. Their Beauty Roadshow was coming to New Orleans and they asked to photograph me! I was (and still am) so excited! I have been reading Marie Claire since high school.

I’m so honored to be in a magazine that has influenced me so much. As some of you may know, I am an aspiring fashion editor. So, this opportunity really motivated me to keep going for my dreams and put my all into my goals. This renewed my focus on blogging and writing and I am forever thankful.IMG_0592

The shoot was held in the famous New Orleans French Quarter on a cool Sunday morning. All of the girls & I met at a local coffee shop at our allotted times and answered questions about our favorite beauty products and features. The editor noticed my single dimple and was intrigued; that was the focus for my photo.

I just want to thank Marie Claire and their team for finding my blog and contacted little ole’ me to be their magazine. Let’s see what else is in store for me and TLM.

As always, thank you so much for reading. Lets keep growing.

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