Travel Diary: NYC Lost Footage from Teen Vogue Fashion U 2015

I went to the Teen Vogue Fashion University for the second time this past March and sadly, I never posted about it. I feel horrible for not sharing the experience here but it’s better late than never, right? Here’s a “Flashback” post filled with the lost photos from that trip. Forgive me for being months late. Here’s what went down…

Lots of eating: Macarons at Ladurée Soho – I got the 6 box. // Latte from Gregory’s Coffee // Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery // Crunchy and salmon rolls at Sushi Shop // Reisling and mac and cheese at Sofia Wine Bar & Cafe // Ribs and baked potato at Hillstone

TVFU: Kickoff party at Express // Editor’s Panel // Met my fav, Beauty & Health Director Elaine Welteroth // Session with Kate Davidson Hudson // Before the Teen Vogue office tour // Finally met my blogger friend Maricia of Love her!

A tour around the Teen Vogue offices at One World Trade Center: playing practicing being an editor // the beauty stash // archives // the fashion closet // a word from the wise, Elaine Welteroth // more shoes in the fashion closet

Touring the city: the view from the Brooklyn Bridge // leaving my mark on the bridge – I threw my key in the East River // standing on the bridge // views from the One World Trade Center // Queens Blvd train // the Flatiron building

That’s a quick photo diary of what I did in New York. I also have video clips that I may upload. Let me know if you’d like to see that. Thanks for reading!