Blog Update: Back to Basics

Minimal Closet


*Que Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black*

Hello to my loyal readers and welcome to anyone that is new. I hope you’ll stay and become apart of the Luxe Minimalist Family.

Today’s post is a blog update and it is also an apology. Let’s start with the latter. I want to apologize because I had lost sight of my focus and vision for this blog. The name of this blog is The Luxe Minimalist because it was supposed to showcase my love for all things minimal fashion and the minimal-styled lifestyle. However, I have not been sticking to this at all. I blame it on my gemini-ways. I tend to love a lot of different things and I try to put them all on this blog.

You may look at some of the posts and ask yourself, What does this have to do with luxe minimalist style?. And you would be right to ask. Recently, I read this post that reminded me that if I want my blog to be successful, I must find my niche and become the expert in that subject first. Only then will I be able to branch out into all of the other areas I will inevitably become passionate about next. With that said, I’ve decided to go back to basics and return the Luxe Minimalist to its roots. Forgive me for any confusion you may have had with the direction of this blog. Let’s get back on track.

Next, let’s talk about what I mean when I say “minimalism”.

What I meant when I referred to the minimal-styled lifestyle above  is anything related to how we style our lives. By no means, do I mean living a minimal life. I think that minimalism in its truest form is great but I’m not there yet; I like stuff. I just mean monochromatic looks in your everyday fashion and beauty choices and home decor. I’ll admit, when it comes to home, I like a pop of color such as gold or hot pink. However, the primary colors are neutral, as it is in my wardrobe. My rule of style when dressing myself is always have the majority of my look be neutral tones and monochromatic. This is not to say that I will never wear a bright color. I just prefer black, white, cream, nudes and grays.

Most people will think that the idea of a minimal wardrobe is boring and it can be. However, a luxe and minimal wardrobe will never be boring. This blog is where you will learn how to look luxe while also dressing with minimal and monochrome shades. I’ll also show you how this concept of luxury minimalism can also be incorporated in your beauty routine, interior design, and your everyday life. Once we get really comfortable, we can also play around with some color.


Let’s get back to the basics.


xx, Coreyiel