How to Break Into Fashion / Beauty PR

How to get a job in fashion and beauty public relations
Today I’m sharing some insight on how to break into the PR industry, whether it’s beauty or fashion you’re into. I’ve worked on both sides and they are pretty similar in how you’d go about getting your foot in the door. So, whether you’re an aspiring beauty PR girl or fashion is your calling, I’ve got some tips that will help you break into the PR industry and make a name for yourself.

Get Experience

My first and probably most important tip is to get experience. The best thing you can do to get your foot in the door in fashion and beauty is to intern. An internship is like a preview of what you’d get if you actually worked at a company. Interning is a great way to find out if you’d like the daily duties that come with an entry position in the industry.

You can intern locally or in NYC, as long as you make connections that you can use as references in the future. Most PR internships in New York are unpaid, so I’d suggest having a part-time job to survive in the big city.

Work Hard

While interning, make sure you are the superstar. Go above and beyond for your supervisor. You should take the first couple of weeks to learn how things work and how your supervisor likes things done. Then, you should anticipate what needs to be done and do it without being asked. You should arrive early and stay late. And you should always volunteer to help on different projects. Be so good at your internship, that the company you’re interning with will offer you a job by the end, or recommend you for another company.

Be Nice

As I mentioned above, you will need to make connections in the industry that can help you land a future job. The best way to make connections in fashion is to work hard and be nice. I’m sure you’ve heard some horror stories about working in the fashion industry. Some people in the industry are as nasty as the stories make them out to be and you never want to be that person. Most people land jobs in the industry through word of mouth, so make sure people only have good things to you.

Those are my 3 tips for breaking into the industry. If you need advice on where to look for an internship, please feel free to email me. Also, please leave any questions in the comments below. I love talking to you guys!

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