What to Do After You Declutter Your Closet

Clean out Declutter thredUP

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I like to think of myself as the queen of decluttering. There’s just something about getting rid of excess things that make my toes tingle. I love it so much that I even offer to do it for other people.
I like to use each new season as an excuse to go on a rampage around my apartment and start throwing things away. I also do it for my boyfriend, too. I’m truly the opposite of a hoarder.

In addition to it officially being Fall, I also plan on moving apartments soon. Because of this, I’m looking to get rid of as many things as possible, to avoid having too much to move. I took this opportunity to go through my closet and get rid of some pieces that I haven’t worn or thought about in a few months.

Usually, I’d post the decent pieces on Poshmark and donate the remainders. However, this time I decided to give another site I’ve been hearing about a try. ThredUP is a resale and consignment site that makes it super easy to sell your things.

ThredUP Closet clean out declutter

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How to use ThredUP to clean out your closet

Basically, they send you a bag to fill up with clothing and shoes to sell. Then, you bring it to the nearest post office or hand it to your mail carrier. There’s no need to check if the printer has ink—there’s already a label adhered to the clean out bag. 
I ordered my clean out bag and it arrived about a week later.

Though ThredUP is really quick about sending out the bag, it takes a while for the bag to be processed once they receive it back, filled with clothes.
 I filled up my clean out with new and gently worn pieces from Boohoo, & Other Stories, Forever21, H&M, and Gap to name a few. I shipped it back on the 3rd and it wasn’t processed until the 19th of the next month.

When selling & consigning with ThredUP, you have the options to donate the clothing the site rejects or have them send it back to you. If you choose the latter, there is a $10 fee deducted from your payout. ThredUP accepted 14 of my items and offered $42 for it all. They also accepted 1 additional piece on consignment, meaning I get paid for it when it sells.

I was happy with the offer of $42 because those pieces would have just continued to sit in my closet, collecting dust, for free. I probably could have gotten more if I sold each piece individually on Poshmark. However, I don’t have the best luck there. I’ve read that you need to be on Poshmark often (as often, if not more, as we use Instagram) in order to sell. And the way my time is set up… ThredUP made it super easy to sell and I see myself using them as my go-to closet decluttering tool in the future. I’ve already ordered another clean out bag to send the other pieces that couldn’t fit in the first bag.

ThredUP also has some hidden gems for unreal prices. You can use my referral code to receive $10 off your order here.