Decluttering My Body Care

In a recent instagram post, I talked about wanting to downsize my beauty stash to a very tailored, curated collection. I only want to keep things I actually use and love. Of course, being the self-described “luxe minimalist”, I saw this has an opportunity to declutter aka go on a spree of throwing a bunch of stuff away.

Before, the drawer housing my body care and fragrances was packed. I’m always so lazy when it comes to applying any type of body moisturizer. So it was astounding to me how I accumulated so many lotions and body butters. I decided to go through my drawer and figure out what I’d actually use up and what I could get rid of.

I started by emptying the drawer out and examining what I had. I lined everything up to take inventory. I realized that I had a lot of perfumes that I hardly touch. Sometimes, having things stored in drawers makes it hard to remember to use them. Anyway, my bf and I tested all of the scents and decided we liked them all. I ended up keeping them all and vowed to make an effort to use more of my perfumes.

The things I did get rid of were 4 tubes of Bath & Body Works body butters (those sales really suck you in), only keeping 2 bottles of my favorite scent: Wild Madagascar Vanilla.

Now my body care drawer is organized and filled with all of my faves. I’m currently debating on whether I should order the Glossier Body Hero Duo. I think that’ll be my next purchase in the body category, once I use up some of my other cleansers and lotions, of course.

My Bath & Body Faves


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  1. 10.24.17

    I so need to do this!! I have way too many “backups” of random products.

    • 10.25.17
      Coreyiel said:

      I was the same way! I try to declutter every few months.