Losing My Voice As a Blogger & Finding It Again

During this quarantine, I’ve had so much time to reflect on how to improve my blog content to provide more value for my readers. Yes, I’m talking about you! I realized that I had fallen into a cycle of posting a lot of product-focused content and I never wanted this blog to be just about products. Yes, I am a product junkie and love pretty packaging and products that make me feel and look good but that’s not all there is to me and that’s not all you care about. At least, I don’t think you do. Right? So, I’ve been brainstorming ways to connect with you all and also provide more value. I created this blog as my creative outlet but it’s also meant to be a resource to help others, whether it’s through beauty tips and product recommendations, or my experiences at work or life in general. TLM is about designing a life you love through self-improvement and self-care. Beauty & fashion are tools that can be used to express yourself to the world and empower you to be the best version of yourself because when you look good, you feel good. But there are also other tools you can use that don’t cost a thing. There are experiences we all go through as women and I think it would be helpful to share those stories too.

I’ve always been a writer first, which led me to create a blog where I could exercise my writing muscle while also sharing the things I love like beauty and fashion. However, somewhere along the way, I lost my voice and I went with this generic way of writing about these topics that took the fun out of it. I’d been so uninspired to get creative with my writing but there are two bloggers who I have been loving that have inspired me to step it up. It’s time to get back into storytelling, experimenting, and having fun with words. 

I’ve been reading Monroe Steele’s blog lately and the posts I really love are the ones where she shares her life experiences. They’re personal, real, relatable, entertaining, and educational which made me want to keep reading more. This inspired me to share more of my life experiences as I’m sure there’s something you all can relate to and I want us to get to know each other better! It’s hard being vulnerable on the internet but as a writer, it’s my job to be transparent and tell the stories that need to be told. From friendships and relationships to adulting and failures, I’ll be opening up and sharing my real-life experiences and the lessons I’m learning along the way. 

I’ve also been reading Danielle’s blog and she makes her beauty content so fun and engaging, using videos, sharing swatches, and referring to different blog posts and videos throughout every post. Her personality shines throughout all of her content and I think this is genius and something I want to implement on my blog as well. I’ll be sharing more educational and informative posts to help evolve TLM into a resource for makeup and skincare lovers alike. Even if skincare and makeup aren’t your hobbies like they are mine, and you use them as tools for self-care or to address skin concerns, there will be posts covering a wide range of topics within that arena. Expect more problem-solving posts and how-tos in addition to new product reviews and recommendations. I’ll also be consulting pros for their expert advice to help you look and feel your best! Tell me your skin concerns and I’ll do the research to get you a solution. 

In addition to these types of posts, there will also be some changes to the luxury makeup and skincare reviews and recommendations I share. I’ll be talking about responsible consumerism as a blogger in an upcoming post, so stay tuned for that. I’m improving the way I test products so I can help you better determine which are worth your coin.

TLM is not just about me, it’s meant to be a community where I can help you with everything from makeup and skincare, to travel, organization, work, and real life. I’m always trying to evolve the site to become a better resource for you, so I hope you enjoy this next level of TLM.