My 2021 Louis Vuitton Monogram MM Agenda Setup

Louis Vuitton Agenda setup

Today I’m sharing my 2021 Louis Vuitton Monogram MM Agenda setup. I changed it up from last year; this year I’m using it as a wallet and budget planner. My goal for this year was to get on top of my finances and work towards financial freedom. My hope is that this budget planner will assist me with that goal.

The LV agenda is so versatile and you can customize it however you like. Some people use the as notebooks, as a wallet, or a day planner. I decided to dedicate mine to all things finances. I love having my income tracker, expense and budget trackers, savings tracker, and credit cards all in one place.

Watch my 2021 Louis Vuitton Monogram MM Agenda setup below and let me know what you think!

The Medium LV agenda retails for $660 on the Louis Vuitton site but you can find a Pre-Loved LV agenda here.