The Fall Tag 2018

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I love watching Fall Tags on YouTube and wanted to do one here on the blog. These tags just get me in the mood for the new season and all that’s to come. With fall being my favorite season, I had to share a few reasons why I love it. I found these questions via (thanks for posting!). Feel free to do the tag and share your links in the comments below!

Fall Tag Questions

1. What is one candle you MUST light every fall?
I love a boujee candle but nothing says fall to me like Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Fireside.

2. When you think of fall, what does it remind you of?
When I think of fall I think of the fall festival we put on every year in elementary school. We purchased tickets to be spent on different activities like playing games and getting our nails polished. It was so cute and special and something I’ll always remember.


The Best Affordable Acne Jensen Boots Alternative

Acne Jensen And Other Stories

What’s up everyone? I’ve updated this post to include more options for the Acne Jensen boots. Shop these dupes and others using the shoppable links below.

Original Post

I’ve been eyeing the Acne “Jensen” boots from afar for quite some time now but I never added them to my cart. I’ve been obsessed with the simplicity of the black leather boots; you guys know that that is my aesthetic. The only thing that stopped me from purchasing them was the price tag. I thought that I’d have to suck it up and just buy them. I mean, they are an investment. That was until I saw these boots at & Other Stories. They cost less than half the price of the Acne boots and are very similar in style.


My Thoughts On Blogging & Social Media in 2018

Blogging in 2018You may not know this about me but I’ve been blogging since college. I started my first blog “Studded Bows” after discovering other beauty blogs and wanting a way to express my fashion & beauty style. I started posting about my favorite products, what I was wearing, and what I was up to.

As the blogging world got bigger, I decided to rebrand and that’s how “The Luxe Minimalist” was born. With a better name and a brand new blog theme, I was ready to delve deeper into the world of blogging. Blogging has always been something I’ve done as a hobby and something that’s so personal that I’ve kept to myself. I never really promoted my blog, which is partly why it hasn’t grown in readership by much.

Another reason I started my blog is because I admired the blogging community and wanted to find like-minded people who were obsessed with beauty and minimalistic style. Which leads me to blogging in 2018…


My 2018 Fall Bucket List

Happy October! To get everyone as excited as I am about Fall, I thought I’d share my Fall bucket list for 2018. These are the things I’m most excited to do this season. There’s going to be a lot baking, cozying up with warm drinks, and watching movies and I can’t wait. I’ve even made a little checklist below that you can save to your phone or Pinterest to join in on the festivities.


Unboxing Cloth & Paper Subscription Box | September 2018

Cloth Paper Subscription Box

Last month, Cloth & Paper revealed their new spiral bound 2019 planners and I swooned. It’s black with gold-foiled writing and I knew I needed it in my life. The brand announced that it was would included in their September subscription box which is $38 per month. The planner will be available for purchase afterwards for $39. I decided to subscribe to the box since the planner would be cheaper, plus I’d be receiving the other extras in the sub box this month.

Here’s what was in the Cloth & Paper September Subscription box:


Trend Report: Everything you need to know about Jade Rolling

Skin Gym Jade Roller Amethyst

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Beauty tools have become increasingly popular over the last year and I’ve become fascinated with all of the new beautifying gadgets that have launched. One that I’ve been incorporating into my routine as of late is the jade roller. (The one I have is technically an amethyst roller but all of the crystal rollers do the same thing.)

So what do these funny looking things do for the skin?


My One & Only “Fun” Eyeshadow Palette

I’m so proud of black YouTubers like Jackie Aina and Shayla for collaborating with major beauty brands. Not many influencers of color get those types of opportunities so whenever they do, I like to support and buy something from their collection. I never review the Jackie Aina collab with Artist Couture but I did buy both of her highlighters and the makeup bag. Let me know if you’d like to see me review the collection but today I wanted to share my thoughts on the first Shayla x Colourpop collection.

From the collection, I purchased the Perception Palette, both highlighters, Quickie Lipstick and Neat Freak Gloss.


Project Pan 2018 | Finish 10 by Fall’s End

project pan Fall 2018

It was only a matter of time before I started with the Fall posts. This is my favorite time of the year when I get super motivated to reset and start a new routine. I’m talking about trying new products, going new places, starting new hobbies, and getting into a healthier routine. No new season feels right without a major declutter session but this time, I thought I’d try something different. I’m doing a project pan where I try to use up 10 products by the end of Fall.

Here’s what I’m trying to use up:


Sephora VIB Sale Fall 2018 | Dates + My Recommendations

Hi guys! I’m currently on my way to New Orleans for some much need time home with family. I can’t wait to hug and kiss all of my babies and eat ALL the food but I had to remind you about the Sephora VIB Sale for Fall 2018. Be sure to follow me on instagram to see what I get up to in New Orleans.

When is the Sephora VIB Sale?

  • Sephora Rouge: Aug 24th – Sept 3rd Use code YESROUGE for 20% off
  • Sephora VIB: Aug 30th – Sept 3rd Use code YESVIB for 15% off
  • Sephora Beauty Insider: Aug 30th – Sept 3rd Use code YESINSIDER for 10% off

What to buy at the Sephora VIB Sale:

Here are some of my tried and true favorites that I think everyone will love. Feel free to use this list as back-to-school/back-to-work/new fall routine. I tried to include product for each category but I didn’t include categories that I don’t have a recommendation for. Enjoy!


Beauty Empties #1

Beauty empties are one of my favorite types of posts to read. It’s impressive to finish an entire beauty product and the best way to find out someone’s true thoughts on a product after using it for months. Some products are a struggle to finish but some are so good that I get sad when I reach the last drop. Today, I’m sharing the products I’ve used up and mini reviews on each + if I’d repurchase them.


New in Beauty: August 2018

New Beauty August 2018

New in Beauty is a monthly series that showcases the latest beauty and wellness products that have recently launched. Find out what’s at the top of my list.

New Beauty August 2018

This new month brings us several new beauty launches and a lot of them have made my list. The biggest surprise is that Becca Cosmetics have launched a skin care line called BECCA SKIN LOVE. However, I’m most excited about the new releases from Hourglass Cosmetics and Dior Beauty.