How to Find Your Purpose

Hello and welcome to my TED Talk. lol. In all seriousness, I think at some point everyone thinks to themselves “what is my purpose?”. I’ve asked myself that question many times and I’ve given myself answers that sounded cool or that seemed cool to me then. None of them had any real logic or evidence around them.

I’ve now kind of figured out what my purpose is (well at least one of them) and I’m going to tell you how. Below are some questions you can ask yourself to help you find your purpose.

The One Thing You’re Really Good At

Is there something that you’ve always been naturally good at? You’ve been commended on it all your life. It’s something that’s easy for you that you don’t even have to put that much effort into to succeed at it. My best friend was fortunate enough to recognize her artistic gifts at a young age. She was encouraged to pursue visual art in elementary school and today, she has been featured in several exhibition and has even put on her own solo exhibition.

Pay attention to that thing that you’re so good at. There’s a really strong possibility that this is something you were called to do in your life.

The One Thing That Brings You So Much Joy

Is there something that you just LOVE doing? It could be something that you are or not naturally good at but you’re willing to research and practice to improve your skills. It’s something you’re so passionate about that you do it because it brings you so much happiness. It could be a service that you’d be happy to give even if you did it for free. For example, after graduating college my sister stumbled upon the world of makeup tutorials on YouTube. She discovered that she didn’t just want to watch people do their makeup, she also wanted to learn how to do it herself. She bought some makeup and started practicing on herself.

Fast forward to today, she is now a professional makeup artist and has done makeup on celebrity clients, models at fashion week, morning tv hosts and is now the key makeup artist on a hip-hop tv show. You never know where that spark of passion will lead you.

The One Thing That You Always Come Back To

I’m going to use myself as an example for this point. Ever since elementary school, I’ve been commended on my ability to write. I have been entered into competitions and even won awards. I excelled at creative writing and expressing myself in my writing. In high school, I won an award for the highest average in my english class. All throughout my life there were signs that told me that I’m a good writer and maybe this is what I should be doing. I would entertain the possibility of writing off and on throughout my life but always came to the conclusion that I wasn’t good enough and I couldn’t make a living by just writing. So, I pursued other careers even though my heart wasn’t really in it.

None of those things lasted and I always come back to writing. I believe that this is my purpose. Is there something that you’ve been good at but turned away from when things didn’t immediately fall into place? Have you abandoned that thing time and time again only to return to it, time and time again? You may be being called back to your purpose.

Finding your purpose is just half the battle. Once you find it, you have to decide to pursue it. There’s power in purpose. Once you put action into your purpose, things will starts to happen for you that you’d only dreamed of.

I hope this was helpful and that you’re on the road to finding your purpose. Feel free to share this with someone that needs it. Good luck!