The Best Affordable Acne Jensen Boots Alternative

Acne Jensen And Other Stories

What’s up everyone? I’ve updated this post to include more options for the Acne Jensen boots. Shop these dupes and others using the shoppable links below.

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I’ve been eyeing the Acne “Jensen” boots from afar for quite some time now but I never added them to my cart. I’ve been obsessed with the simplicity of the black leather boots; you guys know that that is my aesthetic. The only thing that stopped me from purchasing them was the price tag. I thought that I’d have to suck it up and just buy them. I mean, they are an investment. That was until I saw these boots at & Other Stories. They cost less than half the price of the Acne boots and are very similar in style.

Acne Jensen And Other Stories

I purchased the leather version but they also come in suede. I am obsessed with these boots, they are perfect to wear year round. I’m already imagining outfits for each season. I can’t wait to pair them with a dress for Spring/Summer. These are my first pair of Chelsea boots (I’m late, I know). My criteria while shopping for the perfect pair of Chelsea boots was they had to be simple, affordable for my budget and high-quality. The & Other Stories options checked all three boxes, so I went with them.

Acne Jensen And Other Stories

I’m pretty sure I’m still going to end up buying the Acne Jensen boots since there are a few details  that make them unique, like the silver metal around the toe and the grained leather. These from & Other Stories are just a nice alternative for someone who doesn’t want to spend $500+ on shoes. For me, these are something to hold me over until when I’m ready make the splurge and buy the Jensen boots.

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